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The Mozart Classical Orchestra feels strongly that knowing and practicing music is fundamental to the healthy development of human minds and spirits, and that everyone deserves access to the rich education and understanding that music provides. Recent studies, including those conducted by UCI researcher Gordon Shaw, have presented impressive evidence that music programs in the schools actually improve performance in other subject areas, including reading readiness and math proficiency. It contributes to critical thinking skills, creativity, flexibility, imagination, intuition, self-esteem, self-discipline, and the development of both independence and collaboration. It is a language that all students speak-one that cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers, and enhances cultural appreciation and awareness. As an artistically outstanding and accessible community resource, the MCO offers two distinctive introductions to classical music as a source of extended learning for audiences of all ages.

Mozart for Teens is an outreach program specifically designed to enhance the musical education of area teenagers. For many years, underwriting of this program has provided MCO concert tickets to Orange County high school instrumental music students free of charge. The Orchestra has traditionally covered 80% of the average cost of $49 per ticket, and generous community donors have helped to sponsor the balance of the ticket cost. Hundreds of tickets are distributed annually through school district art coordinators, and through school music instructors and principals. Through this program, students of all backgrounds have an opportunity to experience first hand a professional concert in an intimate setting.

The second MCO educational program, Mozart on the Move, is a unique outreach that brings the expertise of music professionals directly to schools and senior centers. The program was first introduced in 1985 with ten lectures at Santa Ana High School. Its essence is a 60-minute lecture presented by Music Director Ami Porat interspersed with members of the Orchestra performing demonstrations on musicianship and technique, presenting audio recordings and concert video footage, and conducting question and answer sessions. The audience will able to meet and interact directly with the Maestro Porat, an opportunity not often available with other orchestras.

Based on the success of these programs, the Orchestra expects to provide improved music education and outreach programs as the size and strength of the performance season grows. The MCO also anticipates increased awareness and audience participation, assets that will be reinvested in the Mozart Classical Orchestra through the proliferation of the chamber orchestra art form for years to come.

If you would like your school to be included as an active venue for our Mozart on the Move program or if you would like to be a participant in the Mozart for Teens educational outreach please contact us at (949) 387- 9197 or at